Our vision is to provide an exceptional learning environment where students are able to recognize and achieve their fullest potential so that they can contribute in      building a better society.


equalBright is a place of EXCELLENCE that provides a balance of academic rigor (knowledge) and the teaching of life skills (values). We strive to partner with parents in empowering and inspiring our learners to achieve their fullest potential in a fun and nurturing environment.


As partner to your child’s development we believe that children learn best in a learning environment:

That is attuned to their uniqueness and individuality

We provide a domain rich in experiences, concepts and skills that targets your child’s individual learning styles and capabilities.

That addresses optimum progress and holistic development

We provide the experiences needed to develop your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. Keeping in mind the importance of imparting essential life-skills such as:

  • Passion for learning
  • Confidence to try new things
  • Positive sense of self-worth

That understands how learning takes place

We adhere to the philosophy that it is important not only to know “what” but also to know “how”. Learning is thus seen as not just the result but more importantly a process that children are exposed to on both a practical and personal level.


As partners to your child’s development we at equalBright are committed to provide:

  • A caring, stimulating and challenging environment that is attuned to your child’s needs,
  • the experiences that develops them holistically,
  • and the opportunities that enable your child to explore and excel as individuals.