Dear Parents and Teens,

Welcome to equalBright School website !

From here, I want to greet you and hope you will be interested in our school programmes.

equalBright school is a school that focuses on the students. We create a comfortable learning environment for every teenager where they can develop themselves to their utmost potential. We prepare superb facilities to accommodate all our students’ needs. We also use the Multiple Intelligences method  and philosophy to help students learn in the way they learn best..

In our learning community we create a happy and caring environment where all teenagers are valued and encouraged to achieve their best. We help teenagers to become independent, confident, communicative, and resilient learners through a range of exciting learning opportunities.

We nurture every person and guide them to achieve their potential during their precious moments in their lives . We have a talented and committed team of staff and teachers who work together to provide all our students with exciting learning experiences.

Our special programmes :

  1. National curriculum that is enriched with Cambridge IGCSE O’Level curriculum.
  2. Implementing Multiple Intelligences method to approach the students’ needs.
  3. Moving class programme to kill boredom.
  4. English speaking classes, equipped with laptop and Internet connection.
  5. Spacious classrooms and open spots for the students to be creative.
  6. Building students’ characters to compete in the globalization era.
  7. Integrated learning to implement ‘lifeskills’.

We hope this website will give you a glimpse of what our school offers and we hope you find it useful.

Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,

Dra Lovanka Hambali, M.Kom.