When learning is conducted by incorporating students’ strengths, it becomes a celebration, which will nurture each student’s love for learning. Besides, there is a wide opportunity to link students’ needs, interests and talents to the real world; a notion that not only lead students towards active learners, but also prepare them to excel in their future world.



Dear Parents and Teens,

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From here, I want to greet you and hope you will be interested in our school programmes.
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Having to face the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic since mid-March didn’t catch equalBright School off-guard! This is such a blessing because equalBright
has been integrating an advanced IT education since Grade 1, with proper time allocation, as well as conducting thematic, integrated learning which involves
projects and learning outside the classroom.
This has become a tremendous advantage for both teachers and students to face the Home-Based Learning period which turns out to be longer than predicted.
The fact that Google Classroom has become our daily use for years makes the transition smoother for both students and parents.
The fact that we once facilitated a standardized test for our students who were on an international student program in Seoul, South Korea, gave our teachers
enough incentive to hold it again on a more major scale. All in all, what we can see it that God’s blessings have been with the school all along, and we couldn’t be more thankful for those!